Sunday, 4 November 2012

Diamond Writer's Block

Some half-thought out BRILLIANT post came to me in a dream, but I forgot it in seconds. Weirdly enough I remember that I had such an idea, though... In any case, I'm still here, antinatalisting about like there's no tomorrow. Well, sort of. My general stance on antinatalism at the moment is never tell anyone, ever, unless I'm on the internet and will never see their face (GRIMACING AT ME), in which case make as much noise as possible and hope they spread the word about these crazy people to their friends, so maybe one person in a thousand thinks it's a good idea not to shit out another baby like it's nothing. OR, unless I am forced to, like in some important discussion with a significant other. But in that case it may as well just be a slap in the face and a grave insult, because antinatalism is not a happy thing to talk about.

In any case (I love saying "in any case"), I have zilch for you today. I thought that if I wrote some long-winded mammoth of an introduction something would come to me, but I am now left unpleasantly surprised. Or well, not really because I tend to expect the worst anyway. Even on an unconscious level, which is weird. Maybe I should let commenters decide what I should write next? That might be fun.

Also the antinatalisphere of antinata(b)logs seems more deserted than ever. Or maybe it's always been that way? I really couldn't tell you, my memory is horrible these days. Repression and that sort of business.

I would go on about how horrible the world is right now, a multilevel complex of people defecating on top of each other, but I've said most of it before. And I don't know enough, or care to know enough about other ways we are acting like jerks. It doesn't really matter that much considering no one really listens to me much in general. I don't mean that YOU aren't listening to me right now, I mean that my voice is just another of billions on the planet. And it's not even particularly strong. So there's not much point in me researching things to death just to spout things that have been said thousands of times before. Let others take care of the horrors of the world that antinatalists don't. There are enough blogs about power-imbalances, the suffering of the poor, prejudice, etc. My blog is about the best form of population control (and the best way to make everyone in the world instantly satisfied): Antinatalism.

Think of the children. Don't have them. Or something like that.