Sunday, 22 July 2012

You just want the pain to end

"No one wants to end their life, they just want the pain to end". I'm not sure what to make of this one. At first it sounds like another annoying anti-suicide-choice aphorism, but the more I read it the more I'm convinced it's mostly true. The majority of the mentally and physically ill out there longing for suicide would in fact live their lives had they not encountered such pain. But regardless you do have to take into account that suicide ends pain. It takes away every possible pleasure you could feel and in fact every emotion you could feel, but it still ends pain. I went into this in more detail in The Romanticism of Suicide, but essentially to those who have not read that yet, I see suicide as an extremely forceful solution, and like how you would not play a guitar with a knife, or hammer a nail in with a sledgehammer, you do not use it as a solution to everyday problems. The question remains however, do there remain any problems for which suicide COULD be potentially suitable? My answer to this is a definite yes, especially if the pain is chronic AND intense and waiting may end in death anyway - suicide as I said before, is a solution for problems that either cannot be solved traditionally or cause an extreme amount of pain.

What about this saying, then? Well, it is definitely true in all cases in which someone's problem is not life itself (as in, they hate life so much that it is a constant problem to live everyday and no other solution could suffice), but at the same time, this is not what people mean when they say this. They actually intend this to be a rebuttal to the suicidal masses who wish to end their lives - but it is sadly, not, as if you are using it in such a way, you are not taking into account that suicide actually does end pain, even if you forfeit your life. And for some people that decision is exactly what they are ready to make, as everyone values his or her life differently.

But of course if you are reading this and have not been suicidal for a long enough period, and cannot prove you are of calm mind relating to suicide, DO NOT GO THROUGH WITH IT. Suicides done on impulse mean you lack meaningful consent. They are also something you would not have done had you actual consent, meaning it is in your best interests to wait out your suicidal thoughts, (as well as in my best interests, because I have empathy for you).

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