Monday, 14 May 2012

Should you forgive your parents?

There was a cause for your birth. And as such, if you do not, or have not personally wanted to be in this world, that cause essentially maintains full responsibility for your misgivings. That is to say, your parents are in the wrong, like billions of other such parents. It was their fault, yet it wasn't their fault at all. They were most likely deluded by the various happy chemicals surging through their thought-apparatus, or if your father is Bryan Caplan, simply were too arrogant to believe that you would come to suffer, or that your suffering matters at all because you are 'happy to be alive', or have 'easy access to tall buildings' with which to kill yourself.

Free will is flat-out a myth, I'll spare you the details of that, so it's not as if we can TRULY assign blame for anything. We can simply say, that person has consistently done harmful things to other people, they should be isolated from society to stop more harm occurring. Not so with breeders, however. You can't punish everyone, so says your typical schoolchild. You can't stop harm occurring if everyone is doing it - at least, not via that method. And equally, while you can certainly blame breeders, it's up to you whether or not you can get on with your life despite all the harm they are inflicting upon the world. And unless you become a hermit, you are going to have to interact with one of these people, most likely A LOT of these people.

The problem with blaming your parents for everything is that you should do this for everyone equally. If you are shunning them and acting cold to them for giving birth to you, remember that you don't act this way with other people - who are all equally guilty (well, depends on how many children they have but, for the purposes of this argument, equally). If you are to be consistent with the application of your morality, or in actual fact, your personal preferences for treating others who do wrong, then you should forgive your parents, or be equally angry with the entire world - which is practically a very hard thing to do. Besides, my main man here, JC is willing to speak a few words on the subject - break a leg JC!: "Let he who is without sin cast the first stone".

I did not think I had another antinatalist post left in me. I guess the antinatalism tag isn't going to starve to death quite so soon.


  1. "or if your father is Bryan Caplan, simply were too arrogant to believe that you would come to suffer,"

    Can you imagine being stuck with Bryan Caplan as your dad? Geeze...

  2. But again, you have the old problem of anyone who declares themselves a determinist. There can be no 'choosing' to forgive or otherwise, no evaluation or decision; it's all just pre-programmed anyway.

  3. That sounds a bit fatalistic, but it's probably true nonetheless. Still, I have to talk that way if I'm going to make an argument, or else everything will just go down the drain. And yeah, most of the time it's hard to care about anything for me personally, because I realise how everything, including my realisation that everything is pre-determined or else random (not sure where current quantum physics stands on that), is pre-determined or random.