Saturday, 4 February 2012

Tolerance and being wrong

On Varalnese-7 there exists a group of baby-eating cannibals whose sole goal in life is to have children, then boil those children alive, and well, eat them. This is the divine will of their god, who sent his only foot into the world to redeem the souls of all the cannibals, so they could eat as many babies as they want.

On Varalnese-9 however there exists a group of kitten-eating sages who agree that kittens were put on this planet by Poobnah, to be eaten while still warm - how this is done varies by denomination, but you know the drill.

On Varalnese-2 there exists a group of sexually promiscuous leopard-beings which do not allow those with less than a certain number of spots to take part in one of the minor festivals of the year, due to the scriptures passed down to them from Todd.

On Earth there exists a group of religions (i.e. the Abrahamic religions) which don't mind slavery, denounce women, and oppose a lot of genuinely rational things.

How wrong can a belief be that you can no longer be tolerant of it? That you can no longer say,"your voice is awrah, shut the fuck up and put on your veil before we get in trouble with the Religious Tolerance Brigade"?.

As human beings are morality is changing. We are becoming nicer and kinder to others. We have abolished slavery, yet the Bible has characters that actively participate the owning of slaves. We are on the verge of treating the sexes equally, yet the Abrahamic religions state generally that women caused the original sin of mankind, and hence should be subservient to men. We are starting to get round to treating our children nicer (hopefully we won't be having any at all, but that's just a dream at the moment), yet if you don't beat your children, so sayeth the Bible, you are spoiling them and will make them turn into bad people - people that might renounce you and hence must be stoned publicly for disobedience. The bible teaches that animals belong to mankind, so we can do whatever we want with them. Yahweh doesn't give a crap as well, owing to how he kills a large amount of them without blinking an almighty eyelash. Yet we are coming to understand that they suffer too, and that moreover, that their suffering matters if our suffering matters.

The Abrahamic religions are vile. If you study history, you'll know their horrors better than I do (e.g. Spanish Inquisition, the early Muslim exterminations of the Jews). Now I understand fully that ALL religions are to some extent evil and outdated - take the justification of the appalling caste system in Hinduism. But these Abrahamic religions are those that so often ask for tolerance. So what should Secular Society do? Well first of all, indoctrination is out. Shoving your lies down a children's throat, even if you aren't at fault for it, is still a horrible thing, and is something you shouldn't be allowed to ever do*. 

I don't really know how to solve the problem of religion. I can't for an instant fathom how we get out of this mess with the least casualties. The standard cowardly 'tolerance and hopefully maybe people will become deprogrammed themselves' doesn't strike me as being particularly workable, especially since new religions like Scientology are springing up. I think we'll have to wait for mind upgrades before people stop falling victim to the parasitic meme-plexes that are religions, though since some very intelligent people in the past have STILL been religious, it seems as if this is another problem, like breeding, that probably won't ever be solved (until the universe ends, that is) if we are to look at things realistically.

So just as someone who is religious can feel pity for me because I am not as happy as they are, or because I'm going to go to hell, or because I can't see the light, I feel pity for them because their brains have been hi-jacked by little gremlins. Don't accuse me of hatred or any other buzzwords you feel like using. Religion is a problem. Before I have stated my feelings that I would join a religion if I could for the emotional benefits, I don't think I would now. I don't want to commit evils, thinking that they are good things. The only real hope for humanity I think is that a new religion springs up that has its morality based on something other than pure idiocy; and possibly, just possibly, this could happen - I mean Judaism was a right crock of shit before Jesus came around. Christianity would actually be morally sort of okay, not in the white area, more the light grey area, if it were not for the Old Testament that precedes the New. (The "infinite punishment for finite crime" thing that God has going when it comes to Hell is still vile, but it won't cause as much suffering as perhaps, gay men being stoned to death.)

Why the sudden outburst? Well I've made it my goal to read the entire Skeptic's Annotated Bible. Initially it was for the fun of it, to have a laugh or two at Yahweh/Elohim/Jehovah/Allah's expense, but now it's more because I want to understand that which I don't believe in - primarily because the things I have read are completely against the principles a rational society should be built upon. And it's stirring up the old atheist fires inside me (theological noncognitivist, but atheist nonetheless). I am concerned with suffering in the world. And religion causes a lot of it, you REALLY have to admit. Yes, maybe I've been a bit harsh here and there, I admit that, but I don't know any other way to express my disgust with the morality that is preached by so many people. So I hope you don't judge me as having become some sort of radical. But I'll settle with being thought of as intolerant, instead of thinking of myself as a coward who cannot tell others of the evils I see around me.

*A personal anecdote: I used to have an extreme fear of going to Hell. I spent hours frozen with that fear until with help from my mother, I convinced myself that it couldn't be true.

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