Monday, 13 February 2012

Most depression isn't actually like this

What I mean by that is, just as you don't necessarily have to be depressed to be antinatalist, and a lot of us aren't, depression isn't a religious experience. You might see the depths of hell, maybe, but in all likelihood you aren't going to take anything from the experience. As most "it got better" stories go, and as seems to be the case on most depression forums I have visited, depressive realism is bollocks. I know the truth. I am depressed. No way can you say that's causation, not without proof, and in no way can you even say it's a correlation, due to the low sample size. But if you take the great big sample size of everyone who has ever been depressed, you begin to see that depressive realism as far as antinatalism is concerned is pretty much wrong.

When depressed people are depressed, sure some of them are pessimistic. It comes free with the territory. (THOUGH in fact, quite a lot and maybe more than those that are pessimistic, simply aren't, and cling to cultural norms all the more). But when people come out of depression, I hesitate to believe that everyone in that state continues to see the world in monochrome, even if as we here say, that's how it actually is. What I tend to see (again, forums), is people saying 'oh, the old me would have said this', or 'you can't think that way! I used to think that way but I changed'. People discard pessimism like used clothes. But then again, it could be a different kind of pessimism we're talking about here. I have said before that you don't turn back once you get bitten by the pessimism bug. I meant that more as in, Pessimism, not pessimism. Our philosophy as a whole. Though, then again, maybe I WAS wrong about that after all. I've seen people go on about how messed up the world is, only to close down their website, saying they've changed. What's changed? Them. Not the world, yet they now ignore the shit-filled bloodbath like everyone else here, as if their sudden change in mood ended world hunger. But that's okay, we'll get round to fixing that. Meanwhile we should be happy and enjoy our lives! While others suffer.

I'm not saying people shouldn't be happy - the opposite, really. But being happy while shoving all the world's problems under the carpet is morally reprehensible. Trying to help the world is all well and good if you know what the world is actually composed of - misery to the left, suffering to the right. But once you've taken off your Pessimism hat and you start thinking with your Rainbow-and-Sparkles hat, you are deluding yourself. And in the process you could be causing more harm than good, i.e. by producing children. What were you thinking of when you were depressed? "I would never bring a child into this horrible world". Now that you've changed however, that makes everything unicorn birthday cake and marshmallows. The world is no longer a big bad scary place, it's a nice place filled with people who can sometimes be naughty, but we love them anyway.

So to summarise: most depression doesn't result in spiritual awakening, unlike how I had previously associated my depression and my pessimism. Most people who are depressed and get better 'realise' that things aren't so bad after all, if they were prone to looking a things in a pessimistic manner. WHICH THEY MIGHT NOT HAVE BEEN PRONE TO ANYWAY SINCE A LOT (I don't know if most at this moment) PEOPLE WITH DEPRESSION BLAME THEMSELVES, NOT THE WORLD.
Antinatalism is not one big depression support group. Only a small proportion of the mentally ill become antinatalists. Only a small proportion of the general population become antinatalists.

What's bad?
  • Pessimism might be something people can convert away from.
  • Not many depression sufferers are going to become antinatalist if the current figures tell us anything.
What's good?
  • You don't need to be depressed to be an antinatalist
 More bad than good! Pessimism prevails once again!

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