Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Mental Illness is imaginary in the same way that my tags are imaginary

As in, while both mental illness and my tags are categories created by human beings, they represent things that really, really exist, unless you are a total solipsist. 

I know why some people don't think mental illness exists. On one hand, mental illness, as I've said before, is something that cannot be imagined by most neurotypical people. On the other, people distrust psychiatrists. This is possibly justified, as there are a lot of bad psychiatrists compared to the amount of bad doctors of other specialities, but in no way does that mean you can draw the conclusion "a lot of X either don't actually solve problem Y or simply hand out drugs (that may solve problem Y), therefore, problem Y doesn't actually exist". Psychiatrists go through years of medical school. This is completely unnecessary, because psychiatry is a new profession, and is mainly based on techniques that could be learnt by a monkey anyway (I would probably respect psychiatrists more if they were combined psychiatrists AND psychologists). Regardless, though it may all seem like one big government conspiracy, and yes I agree, the governments of almost every country on Earth is run by idiotic sociopaths, but in no way does this mean that the problem, the PROBLEM THAT CREATED A NEED FOR PSYCHIATRISTS IN THE FIRST PLACE, does not actually exist. Do you know what grief is? Feel something like grief, feel it for little reason, or because of a crippling childhood event long in the past, and feel it for everyday for the rest of your life. This is a simple explanation of depression, and as such you should be able to tell from this: people who have such a problem are mentally unwell. They are in pain, and need to be cured - not told that what they are feeling is normal, and that the big bad government is trying to censor your normal perfectly healthy thoughts.

Yes psychiatry sometimes classifies harmless things as mental illnesses (like homosexuality, for example - though it's been removed from the DSM now). They have created new X that do not actually exist. You can't conclude from that statement, old X do not actually exist. That would be absurd, right? So the next time you find yourself thinking "Mental illness can't possibly have any basis in reality -  we're all happy, right guys? I don't see anyone with a mental illness here", read a book on mental illness, or better yet, read a real-time blog, like Pandora's. If you still cling to the idea that it's one grand conspiracy perpetrated by the reptilian overlords evil people in government, then well, don't let me try to convince you. I'm just another one of their millions of vassals, sent to this Earth to spread pain and abortion and pyramids.


  1. Oh my God, you read my blog?! I've been reading yours for ages and had no idea you even knew I existed! Very pleased :) Thank you. For the record I haven't (or don't think I have?) commented on your more traditionally anti-natalist posts because it seems pointless to just constantly say, "yes, I couldn't agree more" all the time. I regularly share your entries on Twitter and Facebook though.

    I like this post - I was going to tweet it before I saw my name, I'm not pimping myself ;) - because you've very succinctly grasped how depression feels, and how whilst the treatment for it and other mental illnesses may be flawed, it is necessary.

  2. I always feel ashamed that I never comment on your blog. Honestly, I've been reading it since before I even started a blog myself, though I can never really find the right words to express myself. I was thinking for a long time of adding your blog to the roll, but I wasn't entirely sure I could get away with it without some kind of backlash (people won't like antinatalists if they know what they are, I wasn't sure you would approve).

  3. Honestly, I'm astonished - I found you through Sister Y's blog and never, ever realised you'd even heard of me! Delighted that you have, of course. You're right: anti-natalism is not a popular philosophy - but at least it is a philosophy: something that people have tought about, and something that makes other (intelligent, at least) people think.

    Given that you talk about mental health - even if it's not in a societally traditional sort of fashion - would you mind if I added you to my blogroll? Anti-natalist, not anti-natalist - I think you've got a lot of insightful things to say.

  4. Sure, go ahead, I'll add you to mine as well if you don't mind.

    On another note, I have read quite a few mental health blogs in the past, but I can never bring myself to comment on the darker posts because I don't want to sound like a dick. I also don't want to drive people over the edge, because though I certainly prefer to be told "You're exactly right, life is like a box of shit chunks. You never know what you're gonna get, but you at least know it's going to be shit", I can see why agreeing with anyone in a depressive state isn't going to help them get out of it. It's different in my case, because my depression is not reactive at all - no one can say anything to me that will cause me to become more or less depressed.

  5. I firmly believe that people who don't believe mental illnesses exist have mental issues themselves. It is a denial of reality (there is plenty of evidence that the brain malfunctions) and/or a lacking in the ability to empathize.