Tuesday, 21 February 2012

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Instead of launching into a furious rant about the dangers of believing that mental illness is a myth, as I will do soon enough, I thought I'd take some time to introduce any newer readers to the main constituents of my blog. This post I hope will not be static, and I'll change it when my blog has changed significantly in content.

My two main series of posts are on antinatalism and suicide/euthanasia (lumped together as 'the right to die').
-The mini-series, How Could You Possibly Counter Antinatalism?, is my pioneer foray into the world of blogging Pessimism. It's a little rough around the edges, but skimming over it a bit I can see that it has gone into some areas that I perhaps have skimped upon in later posts. Probably not very relevant unless you are really desperate to see my prototypical skeletons in the closet.
-A Frightful Fable is a landmark first, in that it was the very first time I started bullshitting with hyperbole and absurd situations in an attempt to explain antinatalist ideas. Short and not the best, otherwise. SUMMARY: Gambling on other people's lives in fundamentally wrong
-The Happy Ending was my first 'hypothetical future' post. SUMMARY: What about ending the suffering of animals, too?
-Canine Antinatalism - A very popular post, for reasons unknown to me. SUMMARY: Follows the ending the suffering of animals theme, talks about sterilising animals
-The Accidental Rape - My most popular post to date, despite its brevity. Its ultimate idea is simply a comparison that may seem rather interesting to antinatalists. SUMMARY: Your parents harmed you, but they will never know
-Involuntary Sterilisation - I am amazed by a particular insight commenters/chatbuddies share with me and change my outlook massively SUMMARY: Involuntary sterilisation is moral because breeding is wrong, and hence 'the right to breed' cannot truly be a right at all.
-A Call to Arms - I make a sad attempt at trying to spread antinatalism. Later on, I realise that it will never work. (The Shorterst Riot in History)
-The Nicest Hot Dog Vender in Town - Here, a commenter tells me that my reasoning for declaring Unbreakable's existence is immoral. My overall opinion does not change, however, as consent is not given.
-An Antinatalist FAQ - I make an attempt at providing people with answers to common questions about antinatalism. I am somewhat pleased with this.
-Will Things Work Out in the End? - Sad musings about the doomed state (short term) of the human race. SUMMARY: Antinatalist population will probably grow, but the future is definitely uncertain - and if history is anything to go by, the pessimist view will again be the correct one.
-Most People Are Already Halfway There - Antinatalism is simpler than you'd think. Not that it will help a lot with spreading it, though.
-Not Even Supervillains are Antinatalist - Antinatalism is unbelievably unheard of.
-Double Trouble - How intuitive is it to not have children?
-You Hold the Burden of Proof! - Antinatalists don't really have to prove anything. Having a child is an action, not having a child is not an action. So we don't have to justify not having children, YOU have to justify having one. I like this post.
-The Magical Marvelous Mirth-filled Prison - Tie-in between my right to die and antinatalism series. Also cites The Accidental Rape
-Why is consent necessary too? - I've been leading up to this post for quite a while, not sure myself why consent specifically matters. With this I was finally able to convince myself why exactly you can't just erase everyone on the planet.
-We are all victims - About a lot of things, but mainly about creating Unbreakable actually being morally okay because of the previous post on consent.

-Happy Antinatalism Day! - I replace Mother's Day and Father's Day instead with Antinatalism Day for laughs.
-Objective Morality - I talk about antinatalism's compatibility with nihilism.

-The Cheerful Clone - Strange little thought experiment about where antinatalism holds
-Antinatalist Burnout: Potential Causes - Why do commenters and bloggers seem to be disappearing?
-Should you forgive your parents? - Even if they bore you into a horrible life, you should forgive your parents since their actions were caused by something else. Or because it will only add suffering (your suffering) to the world.
-Transhumanism and Antinatalism: Siblings Separated at Birth? - Musings on how Transhumanism and Abolitionism may save us all yet
-Why Killing is Wrong and the Doomsday Button too - I finally come to a conclusion on the Doomsday Button thought experiment of Jim's
-Being Pessimistic is being Realistic - How much of Pessimism should you incorporate into your everyday life?
-The Making of an Antinatalist - What creates an antinatalist?
-Every Life Matters - The wrong act of having a child, even if it leads to ending world hunger is still a wrong act, and something you should not do.
-Reasons to be Antinatalist and Reasons Pets are Better - I give my main reasons for being antinatalist in the most concise form I have ever put them into.
-4 Reasons 'Free Disposal' Is Incorrect - A short rebuttal to Bryan Caplan
-The Immoral Wizard - Parents forcing their children to live THEIR dreams or forcing them to work for them or take care of them when they are old is wrong
-Song of Suffering - I wrote a song about antinatalism, haha.

-Mental Illness and the Right to Die - The beginning of my rant against the argument that those who are mentally ill should be denied access to euthanasia.
-Would you care? - Introduces the concept of delaying one's suicide due to loved ones.
-Further Explorations of the Ultimate - You can't break your moral compass just because you want to commit suicide because wanting to die and wanting to see your loved ones in better emotional states are emotional states that are on equal footing
-Off on a Tangent - If there were an off-switch to life, would more people die?
-The Bucket List - What do you risk your death on? Should you do anything before you die?
-Do we have an obligation to live? - Follow-up to Would you care?
-Suicidal Thoughts are Probably Bad - Even if you intend to commit suicide, don't have suicidal thoughts, because they increase your suffering. (Well, generally. A commenter stated that he was instead comforted by his suicidal thoughts everyday)
-The Magical Marvelous Mirth-filled Prison - Should you tell people you intend to commit suicide before you do to let them feel more reassured, or should you do it before they know so they don't hold themselves responsible?
-Suicidal Thoughts Aren't One-Size Fits All - More on mental illness and the right to die.
-Optimistic Biases and Suicide - Follow-up to Suicidal Thoughts Aren't One-Size Fits All

-Thanatos might pick you up a little earlier if you ask him nicely - Extremely important. I decide that everyone has a right to die.
-Suicidal thoughts are like psychotropic drugs - Be suicidal in moderation, folks
-Does Suicidality Cause Apathy - I wonder about whether this is the case.
-What do you do when someone is suicidal? - I have a policy of ALWAYS persuading people not to suicide.
-Update on my views on waiting periods - I talk about how would-be suicides should be stopped for a few months to see if they really wish to commit suicide.
-4 Reasons 'Free Disposal' Is Incorrect -A bit is mentioned about how suicide is incredibly hard to perform.
-The Romanticism of Suicide - I argue that suicide is a solution only to very large problems, insolvable problems, or problems involving large amounts of suffering. I also talk about a penpal who committed suicide.
-You Just Want the Pain to End - I argue against this phrase. This post is also a followup to The Romanticism of Suicide.

And Me - My brief thoughts on certain topics. Includes Education (slave-training camp), The Eternal Recurrence (unlikely/stupid and nothing to be afraid of), and Escapism
Anhedonia Series - I mention my anhedonia. The most popular is Save me
Social Series - I talk about my social skills, or lack thereof.

Happiness Series - How does one become happy?
Reviews - Antinatalist relevant and not antinatalist relevant
Religion - I rant about what religion causes.


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  2. Will get right on that with the next revision, sorry. I got the inspiration from your blog, in case you're wondering. I don't like the idea of my older posts getting forgotten entirely, and I thought I'd help newcomers out too.