Friday, 20 January 2012

Fear, and some links

For reasons unknown to me I have been terrified - no joke - lately of writing here. It isn't explicable in anything other than neo-Freudian postmodern wankery, and I don't much care for those kinds of 'explanations'. But that's let up, or well, I still feel a little scared, but I can at least overcome that fear now. In any case I HAVE been thinking of posts to write, possibly about duties to feel happy, or maybe 'The worst Christmas present they'll get this year is life', but again, the sheer terror at having to write something beyond a vague explanation for not doing so is beyond me at this point, though I'll put those posts on hold. Have a couple of links instead - not that they'll be antinatalist by the way (only one is).
An amazing antintalist FAQ/introduction - it really sets the standard for such things.
Reading this at the moment - seems promising
Kept me entertained for ages
Again, entertainment in a world that is naturally opposed to providing it.
This is almost enlightening - while most people struggle to be happy in our Western world, some just struggle to stay alive. I plan on finding a prison-survivors forum as well, for the same reason.


  1. Thanks for the links, estnihil. The intro to AN is indeed excellent. I'd recommend it to anyone coming on the scence for the first time. And fear, yes, am feeling more fear with every day that creeps along...

  2. Put your fear where it really belongs... the ghouls that walk this Earth without fear, and their cult acolytes...

  3. I suffer from fear a lot. Too afraid to interact with people, too afraid of learning something new because of possible failure.