Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Double Trouble

I think you can judge how non-sociopathic a crowd is by how extreme the dissonance is between their initial, then final emotions with respect to being introduced to antinatalist. "Hi everybody! How about we all start preventing suffering. Prevent it now! [note elation, cheering] We'll do that folks, with just one itty bitty pill - a birth control pill! Stop breeding, stop suffering, it's that simple. [intense hatred and shock]".Antinatalism is something of a gold-encased turd, as far as most haters are concerned. I've said before that a good part of antinatalism is common knowledge. It is the quintessential goal that unites the vast majority of humanity - the elimination of suffering. Now granted, that's normally the elimination of one's own suffering, but when people start applying it to their family members and their friends, then it really isn't a big leap to just go the full hurdle and apply it to all mankind. But that 'no breeding' thing has the same effect on some people as taking a dump in their mouths. What I've realised since the last post is not only is this non-intuitive from a cultural perspective, it actually might be non-intuitive from a genetic perspective too - especially since that 'biological clock' keeps on ticking.

But how hard does that make things? How hard is it to uproot a biological bias, as opposed to a cultural one? It has taken years for a lot of cultural suffering-imposers to be locked away in the archives of history, but as far as people are concerned, I'm not entirely sure it is particularly hard for anyone to overthrow our genetic overlords. Vegetarians don't go through a horrible detox, bodybuilders don't stop just because they're already strong enough to kill predators or prey, and chessmasters don't suddenly stop because they need to be doing something more genetically advantageous. I think we're actually okay as far as human biology goes, simply because our conscious minds can ALREADY override most of our instincts. Hunger strikes are another good example of this, by the way.

So it isn't doubly intuitive after all to have children. It's more like (culturally + 0.00001)x intuitive. And that's easy for us to beat, right?

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