Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Why can I never follow through on anything?

I'm a day late, and I really don't have anything to say about Bryan Caplan. He's moronic in ways I've never truly thought possible, but other than that, I don't have any passion with which to beat him over the head with. Eliezer and Rob, support him all you like in your Randian-esque cult of 'rationality', I don't really care. I'm past that for now, simply because I'm in the line of thinking that giving up will save me a lot of pain. People are not ready for antinatalism. Even if (or perhaps, when) we become posthuman pleasure-robot-geniuses, I don't think a sufficient, or even substantial proportion of the population will be ready. Human beings are deception machines. I'm pretty sure a hell of a lot of ordinary thought consists of nothing but simple lies to ourselves - justifications of purpose, justifications of hierarchy, justifications for living, just justifications. The only real chance I think that antinatalism would have would be if people were not given the chance to come to an informed decision on the matter - if by some stroke of luck, all the education ministers all over the world were antinatalist, and the next generation, the last generation, were brought up as antinatalists. Serious, serious problems aside, I find the whole idea quite amusing. But then again, maybe I shouldn't. Most people don't understand scientific principles - yet they believe everything a scientist will tell them, or at least, almost everything. What does it matter if you believe something that's right without knowing why? As long as it is actually right, then everything's hunky dory, really. Or is it? I can't be bothered thinking that one through (far too tired), so you can tell me what you think in the comments if you want. Bye for now, I guess.

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Can you supplement social sub-functioning?

If you're moving to Africa and you happen to be a Caucasian, wear sun cream. If you happen to be particularly predisposed to eating all the crap you can find, take vitamin tablets and start exercising. In this modern world a lot of what was previously deficiency, can now be eradicated with simple daily habits. Is it the same, however, with our newly created social deficiencies, in this day and age? Could it be that this has already happened - that the various media out there are essentially, or at least in part, to do with the lack of social contact some of us may now experience away from the village lifestyle? Is it possible to make up for a life with few friends, for those of us who are socially inept, with the ease of sitting down, watching TV, and getting back to business? I've been wondering about this for a while, for the simple reason that it is personally something pretty key to my existence. You see, the thing is, at about the age of 10 or so - when I started REALLY watching TV, I realised slowly, that I didn't feel loneliness anymore. It just didn't come. Now while it's pretty easy to simply attribute that to the general emotional numbing I've felt over the years, the issue is still quite poignant, in that with my general misanthropy and Superiority Complex, I seriously consider, as pretty much a weekly thing now, whether it would be better to completely disconnect myself from all non-necessary social interaction. Or at least, from the people I don't find particularly all that fun to be with, which is probably about 95% of people my age. This isn't just a pipe dream by the way. I have this opportunity, what with doing university courses next year from home. In any case, what I mean is, my special little disorder makes most, if not all, of the social interaction I participate in, barring that which I perform online, horribly annoying. It grinds my will to live into dust. There comes a certain restlessness, I suppose, when I'm alone for weeks, say when I'm on holiday. But really, if I could somehow plan a routine - like how bodybuilders regulate what tablets they take - and stick to it, it being specific forms of entertainment that mimic the social stimuli I expect myself to be looking for, then it should be possible, nay even comfortable, for me to live a hermit's life (well, almost). So what do you think? Is it another pointless endeavour, a dream and only a dream, or is it another one of those benefits of living in a technologically advanced society? My gut says former, my heart says the latter.
I would post something less self-related by the way, but as you know, I have no real content left to share with you. There'll come a day, I hope, that maybe that tag-cloud will have antinatalism outranking everything else by far. But that day is not this one, ha.