Friday, 26 August 2011

The shortest riot in history

You guys must be clouds, because you've seriously been raining on my parade in those last comments of yours. Not that I'm hurt, or upset, or angry, or anything really - just on the verge of wavering in my faith. That is to say, I was so ready for an all-out war, a military campaign of sorts, as you could probably tell from my language. I'm still thinking of targeting Less Wrong etc., but now I'm really not sure it's going to do anything. To best spread the word I guess, I'm stuck with putting up flyers and such in the men's toilets - it works for prostitutes, why not for antinatalists? But yeah, anyway, here's the rundown of what's got sand in my urethra:
-Sister Y's comment decreases pretty significantly the likelihood I thought there would be of conversion happening. Most people would expend a lot less effort just laughing and calling us crazy. Conversion rate lowered.
-CM's comment reminded me of why I stopped reading articles on those websites. The ones not purely to do with rationality are completely idiotic. Conversion rate lowered.
-Lorraine highlighted the various uninformed memes floating about the community. I wouldn't be trying to nobly convince some accidentally misguided people, I'd just be trying to insert another meme (which happens to be correct to the people here) into the vast annoying memepool already established. Conversion rate in - just kidding - lowered.

I still feel though, that I have something of a moral obligation to do SOMETHING, despite how I don't exactly know what kind of something I could do. Maybe the fault lies in my thinking that I'm more powerful than I actually am. But regardless of that, I'm still up for a nice little trolling session when the time comes.

In summary I am not Stalin. Though I am 'Stalin' until something interesting pops into my head to write here. That is all.

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