Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Further Explorations of the Ultimate

I've talked before about the fact that our care for the needs of others exists in tandem with the care we have for our own needs - so suicide is only really viable from a logical point of view if your sum suffering having to live is estimated to outdo your loved ones' total suffering after your death, or if you are simply a sociopath. I myself, believe that the first option could actually be available to me, but I do not dare risk it due to my own sense of morality telling me that harming people with my death is wrong - even if it is so, so right from a utilitarian point of view. What I've been wondering recently is whether I've missed something here. Sure, it's all fine and good to say that since your own needs and those of other people are balanced because following them is not based on logic alone equally as much, but  I didn't take into account whether changing these circumstances could change the "rightness" of suicide. If one was to break that moral compass of ours into a thousand little pieces, could you be justified in the act itself? The problem with saying this, I find, is that though it may be true that removing your own morality may be the thing to do in order to serve your own needs best, there is no logical basis behind doing so - your brain is human, and as a result, in this meaningless world of moving chemicals, again, serving your own needs is hardwired, like serving those of your loved ones. Even if you COULD remove your morality then attempt suicide, or if you COULD remove your ego-involvement and live a humble existence, you would have no reason for serving either one or the other. The only thing I can possibly think of that could condone thinking only of one's own needs is Solipsism - and that really doesn't seem to be the case, given that we live in such a random, uncaring universe. So the point still stands. I'm not happy about that in the slightest. Still, whoever said the truth will set us free? What a pack of lies. I can't have children and I can't die because of the truth. But still, even if I'm not better off because of it, I guess the world is.

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