Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Testing, my reasons, and other useless things

Reasons for my, perhaps early, entrance onto the blogging scene: I am deeply fond of my own voice, as you shall soon see, even though I won't technically be hearing it on this blog. Also, I am quite, as you may have suspected, desperate for like-minded friends, being an antinatalist, a pessimist and a depressive. But the real, deep, underlying reason why I haven't done this before is my ever-present paranoia - which
I have just recently deemed somewhat irrational; it is quite unlikely that anyone will find this blog, and if they do, I am not entirely sure I should give a crap. My parents, too, haven't used my computer in ages - and I don't think they've used my e-mail address in possibly years. I will be doing a degree after my A-Levels - meaning I'll still be staying in my parents' house for the foreseeable future. I simply cannot wait that long.
    I am reading a lot more these days and am trying to get round to reading all the classics, over the summer I shall work harder at learning Japanese (50 kanji RECOGNISED per day, not learnt, though), and I am currently forcing myself, or trying to force myself, or trying to try to force myself, to write a novel, or something. I'm a brat, weened hardly any time ago, pretentious and egotistical. So with that being said, and without further ado, here is my blog.

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