Monday, 27 June 2011

The Sunset Limited Review

 "Banish the fear of death from men's hearts and they would not live a day." - 'White'

Last post in a while, as I've said. In summary of this post, I shall say simply: watch this film. It was amazing to me how well-made this was - the slow breaking down of the character 'Black', combined with the slow opening up of the character 'White' takes care of every avenue of thought that any optimistic viewer may have, culminating in the eventual victory for pessimism, as the final speech that 'White' gives throws 'Black' straight into the deep end. There is no action in this film besides some of the stories told by mouth, but if I thought that would stop you, I wouldn't even bother myself writing this. Simply put, for depressives around the world wondering if their Weltschmerz has any basis in reality, this is for you - a complex reminder of the futility, the meaninglessness and the horror of life. Though it only really takes place in one room, the film really flew in for me - it felt as if no time had passed at all. What this is essentially about, if you are still unsure about whether to watch this, is to do with a professor, an atheist, having recently almost attempted suicide, having come to a conclusion about the evils of the world that will never stop as long as humanity is around, who talks to a poor ex-convict, a Christian, who is convinced that he is the atheist's guardian angel of sorts. In the end however, it must appear more to any Christian watching that the atheist is more of a supernatural character than he is - but rather a demon, or Satan himself, by his ability to 'tempt' the Christian, 'Black'. 
      Watch this movie. Please.

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