Thursday, 23 June 2011

A Frightful Fable

This is my last post today, I'm really sorry about this. I'm afraid if I don't post it sooner rather than later, it'll delete itself from my brain.

Imagine a world where superpowers exist, and imagine one handsome, muscular young man and one gorgeous, buxom young woman (as the portrayals generally go in superhero movies). These particular 'heroes' have a rather sinister power: by touching each other in just the right way, the Roulette Ranger and the Slot-Machine Saviour can 'gamble' on a person's life, without it ever affecting their (the superheroes') lives. Now, don't get them wrong here. It doesn't always work out bad, sometimes the lives they affect work out great! But the question I pose to you now, is whether it is right that they should be able to gamble at all - even if they generally get good results. Is it ever right to gamble on a life? Is it ever right to gamble on your future children's lives? Is it ever right to breed?